Integrated Assessment of Applied Competence

Integrated Assessment to Avoid Fragmented Assessment

Authors: Suzanne Hattingh and Ellen Hüster

The focus of this book is on promoting the use of integrated assessment, specifically in the post-school education and training system. The purpose of the book is to counteract the common practice of fragmented, over-assessment, particular of qualifications and unit standards under the SETA/ETQA system. Such fragmented assessments, overburden the learning and assessment processes, increase the duration of learning programmes, as well as the time spent completing the assignments and assessing learner achievements. These assessments also increase the cost of assessment and waste money that should be more productively used for training.

What is covered in this book?
This publication describes the planning and design of the integrated assessment of learning programmes that are focused on assessing applied competence. It provides practical guidelines, examples and templates for the designers of learning programmes, curricula and assessments to make more use of integrated assessments. The processes described in this publication are derived from practical experience in designing assessments for outcomes-based programmes in a variety of contexts and is grounded in the theoretical underpinnings of integrated assessment espoused by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Int Ass smallerThe process described in the book is equally relevant for:

ISBN Print: 9781869224783 eBook: 9781869224806

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