Roadmap to Learning and Skills Development

Increasing the impact of performance improvement strategies
Series editor: Suzanne Hattingh

Suzanne acted as series editor for the books in the Roadmap to Learning and Skills Development series, published by Knowledge Resources. She was also author and co-author of some of the books.

The books in the series are intended to increase the impact of performance improvement strategies by acting as a tool for planning and implementing learning and skills development interventions.

The books provide action steps and road signs to follow to reach intended destinations. There are guidelines on best practices and warnings on pitfalls to avoid. Checklists are included that can be used to identify what needs to be in place, to evaluate current practices against best practices, and then to plan and monitor the implementation of improvements.

HRD and HR managers will find the series valuable for identifying the most important issues they need to consider in planning and managing their people-development strategies. Practitioners involved in a wide spectrum of fields related to learning and skills development will be able to follow the action steps and guidelines provided in implementing these strategies.

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