Staff Development Guide for Employers

Authors: Suzanne Hattingh and Ellen Hüster

The purpose of this Guide is to assist employers to plan and implement training in order to develop the skills required to achieve the immediate and long-term goals of their businesses. Training is a key instrument for nurturing staff to ensure that businesses have the required skills to sustain and improve their profitability. In addition, training is an important way of demonstrating that management values its staff by providing opportunities for them to grow and advance in their careers. This improves the loyalty and productivity of your staff and makes them less susceptible to attractive offers from your competitors.

This Guide provides employers with information and guidelines for planning and implementing the processes necessary for developing staff competence. Companies will be able to use the Guide to compile a Training and Development Plan covering all the training programmes and other development actions for addressing clearly identified skills needs. The Guide will also assist companies to ensure that they gain maximum benefit from the training of their staff.

The Guide is written specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, although all businesses could use it.

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ISBN 978-0620489850

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