The ABC of the NQF

Explanation of skills development concepts and terminology
Author: Suzanne Hattingh

The ABC of the NQF describes more than 180 concepts relevant to learnerships, skills programmes, outcomes-based education, the NQF, the processes relating to SAQA and the SETAs, as well as the broader skills development system.

The definitions in this book differ from what you will find in acts, regulations and other official publications. Such definitions are technically correct but are generally not very useful for everyday communication and implementation.

In The ABC of the NQF, concepts have been described in a way that assists readers to understand the essential aspects without overloading them with detail and technicalities. The book uses simple, straightforward language that avoids legal jargon and technical terms.

The ABC of the NQF is relevant for a wide target audience that includes everyone involved in education, training and skills development in South Africa. It is sold as a CD-ROM.

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