Workshops & Capacity Building

Suzanne Hattingh facilitates workshops on a wide range of HRD topics, and she also customises workshops to meet the specific in-house needs of client organisations. Suzanne has presented workshops on the following topics:


Comments from a workshop participant, Lydia Moleko: “I have never met such an intelligent and inspirational woman like you before and I am so glad that I did through training. Thank you for being such a fantastic facilitator. You always knew what you were talking about at all times and I really walked out of there saying to myself: "Now there is someone that I would love to become one of these days - with the knowledge that she has. Thank you again and always keep well.”


Suzanne is also an accomplished speaker at conferences, seminars and Skills Summits, where she has built a reputation as a lively and provocative speaker who does not shy away from expressing strong opinions. She has delivered papers at seminars and conferences organised by:


Photos of lively, interactive workshops facilitated by Suzanne

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